I had a vision about the album being like a film. A fairly coherent story about lost and lonely people in a big city. Their dreams and hopes, fears and torments.
The main theme is trust and reconciliation. ”Stockholm I Natt”, the greatest song from the album, says a lot about the theme. The cinematic is present as well as the contrasts.
Niklas Frisk, Andreas Mattson and I wrote the album. We have had a long collaboration and also feel big confidence to one another. Despite our different backgrounds there are many mutual references. We really complete each other.

One may say that I supply the drama, Andreas the straight on pop and Niclas adds the groove.

The lyrics where extremely important. Even though the songs are playfully arranged and orchestrated, all the musical approaches need to have strong reasons. A string of notes on a trumpet that stress a phrase in the lyrics, a melancholic string arrangement that gives balance and weightiness to an easy-going chorus.
We gave a lot of focus to contrasts. The beautiful and ethereal becomes even more beautiful if one has a feeling of darkness in the setting. ”Bittersweet” was a catchword for the whole process. Just like with the Christmas album and ”Det här är platsen” we worked with an organic feeling. You get the impression of a band playing in a room and that’s exactly how it was.

Peter Kvint was the producer of the album.

Människor Som Du Och Jag

01: Intro
02: Balladen Om Det Angenäma Livet
03: Han Är Med Mig Nu
04: Stockholm I Natt
05: Charlies Tema
06: Sen Du Åkte Bort
07: Inget Vi Får Vill Vi Ha Kvar
08: Hur Hamnade Jag Här
09: Jag Sjöng Varje Sång För Dig
10: Under Morgonljuset
11: Stoppa Mig
12: Jag Ångrar Ingenting Jag Gjort
13: Tänk Om Jag Hade Fel
14: Juni, Juli, Augusti