I had a more active part in the song writing on this album, which I really enjoyed. I worked together with Orup who wrote the first single ”Sinner”. This was also the first time that I worked together with Niclas Frisk and Andreas Matsson.

Peter Cartiers and Alex Papaconstantinou produced the first half of the album. The second half was produced by Stefan Olsson and me.

My favorites on this album are the opening track ”She’s Like A Butterfly” and ”Freeway”.

I Feel Good And I'm Worth It

01: She´s Like A Butterfly
02: Sinner
03: Help Somebody
04: Freeway
05: My Fatal Love
06: Crying On The Dance Floor
07: This Is The Year
08: Heal
09: Northern Guy
10: Time To Get Tacky
11: Undress Me
12: I´m Gonna Do It
13: I Feel Good (And I´m Worth It)