My first album in English. I’m really pleased with the outcome of this album. It pretty much reflects where I was in life at the time. My manager and me had been traveling all over the world to find songs (I will tell you about this at another time) but in the end we decided to go for the Swedish songwriters instead.
I had three hit singles with this album: ”Higher”, ”Tonight” and my favorite ”Under My Skin”. I was chosen as best male artist both on NRJ and Tracks. I was nominated for a Rockbjörn as best male artist of the year. The album sold more than 80 000 copies and was awarded a Platinum album.
The songs were written by, amongst others, Jörgen Elofsson, Christer Sandelin and Tommy Ekman and American songwriter Ty Lacy who I met in Los Angeles when traveling across the USA. Ty has written songs for Faith Hill and others.

Only When I Breathe

01: Only When I Breathe
02: Higher
03: Because
04: I
05: Under My Skin
06: The Man I Wanna Be
07: Tonight
08: Seeing Red
09: Rain
10: Sun
11: Searching For Love