Already when ”Kristina från Duvemåla” was released on CD I said to Sony Music that I wanted to do my own musicals album. Partly because it’s seldom done, partly because songs from musicals are grateful to sing and hold narrative lyrics. I wasn’t really interested in doing hit songs like ”Cabaret” and ”Anthem” but in finding songs that could be performed with a more personal touch, to be more ”my own”. Neither did I want to work with a traditional musicals producer but instead with someone with a focus on pop music. Johan Ekelund. Together with him and Hans Marklund I chose thirteen songs that I really like and that aren’t too associated with other artists – at least not for the Swedish audience.
It felt important to do the songs in Swedish. Every song is a personal choice, just like the lyrics writers that I worked with: Ture Rangström, Björn Ulvaeus, Bosse Cargren, Calle Norlén and Hans Marklund.
I want to touch people, make people feel, but to be able to do that you yourself have to believe in the songs you sing. And that’s why the lyrics are so important to me. I have scanned every word over and over again. Almost all translations are newly made for this album.
I’m especially proud to be able to present the first song from the musical Chess in a Swedish translation: Pity the child/Vem ser ett barn that Björn Ulvaeus translated solely for my album.
Variation is important. The goal was that no track should resemble any of the other tracks. To make this possible we have used a mix of musicians coming from every corner of Sweden, from symphony orchestras via Mikael Råberg Big Band to Esbjörn Svensson Trio. All together over 80 musicians contribute to the album.
The album got a warm welcome by both press and audience. I was awarded with a Grammy nomination for ARTIST OF THE YEAR.

Personliga Val

01: Nu Eller Aldrig
02: Led Hans Väg
03: Varför Gud
04: En Sång Om Oss
05: Spindelkvinnans Kyss
06: Det Måste Finnas Bättre Liv Än Det
07: Ut Mot Ett Hav
08: Jag Vill Inte Ha Något Regn På Min
09: Nåt Fint Som Pågår
10: Vem Ser Ett Barn
11: Ett Hörn Av Himlen