My debut album, which I wrote together with my brother who also was producer together with Lasse Holm.

I had recorded an entire album in English, which never was released, so I was very proud and happy when this album finally was released. To me this is an OK debut album that only got one review – a skull in Nöjesguiden. It read ”Send a gift to Peter Jöback on Innocent Childrens Day”. Maybe this is the reason why it took four years before I made my next album.

The album was released in only 5000 copies and no further copies will be made. Swedish soul pop. Pretty OK, actually.

Peter Jöback

01: Varje Gång Vi Ses
02: Nu När Jag Funnit Dig
03: Du Är Min Längtan
04: Behöver Dig
05: Vem Vet
06: Om Du Vill Ha Mer
07: Kom Till Mig
08: Vem Bryr Sig Om
09: I Din Blick
10: Det Ingen Annan Vet