Since the Christmas concerts were such a success, the record company and I decided to record the following year’s Christmas concert in whole. We did this on a beautifully wintry December night at Cirkus on Djurgården in Stockholm.
This was the first time that Sarah Dawn Finer and I sang our version of ”The Prayer” – “Min Bön” in Swedish with beautiful lyrics by Ture Rangström.
Eva Dahlgren and I sing a duet live together for the first time: our Swedish version of Bob Dylans ”I Believe In You” that Tomas Andersson Wij turned in to ”Jag Tror På Dig”.

The DVD contains the whole concert plus one clip from the concert in Västerås where Sissel made a guest appearance and sang ”Gå Inte Förbi” together with us.
There is also a funny ”behind the scenes” report and a long interview with me about my thoughts about Christmas and this concert.

The sound is amazing and the concert was really nicely shot.

Jag Kommer Hem Till Jul Igen - Live Från Cirkus

01: Jag Kommer Hem Igen Till Jul
02: Gläns Över Sjö Och Strand
03: Ave Maria
04: Decembernatt (Halleluja)
05: Snön Föll
06: Guds Frid
07: Marias Sång
08: Viskar En Bön
09: Snögubben Froste
10: Disney Medley
11: Guldet Blev Till Sand
12: Gethsemane
13: Gå Inte Förbi
14: Jul, Jul Strålande Jul
15: O Helga Natt
16: Stilla Natt
17: Jag Tror På Dig (Med Eva Dahlgren)
18: Varmt Igen
19: Min Bön (Med Sarah Dawn Finer)