I was slightly doubtful about making another Christmas album when my new record company came up with the suggestion. But when the collaboration with Childhood and ICA came up and when I decided to make another Christmas tour everything fell into place. And now I’m really happy that we made it. First of all I got to work with Lars Halapi again and the wonderful musicians that I had worked with on the first Christmas album. Furthermore I got to record two songs that we couldn’t find place for on the previous album; the two duets ”Trumslagarpojken / Fred på jord” together with Plura, and ”Min bön” with Sarah Dawn Finer. We also recorded two brand new songs, one by Mauro Scocco, ”Änglar i Snön” where Sara Isaksson backs me up wonderfully. And one of my new favorites, ”Gott Nytt År”, written by Niklas Frisk and Andreas Mattson. The remaining six tracks where live recordings from my previous Christmas tours that I like very much. The album sold 150 000 copies in Sweden (triple platinum) and 25 000 copies in Norway (gold) which resulted in 1 750 000 SEK to Childhood. That is awesome and I’m so proud! I like the cover for the album. I wanted to make it look like a classic Christmas card by the Swedish artist Jenny Nyström, and Pär Wickholm created nothing less. The album was only available in ICA stores in Sweden.

En God Jul och Ett Gott Nytt År

01: Änglar i snön 3:32
02: Jul, jul strålande jul 3:59
03: Gläns över sjö och strand 2:29
04: Trumslagarpojken / Fred på jord 3:32
05: Snön föll 4:24
06: Marias sång 3:36
07: Gott nytt år 4:26
08: Decembernatt (Halleluja) 6:19
09: O, helga natt 5:38
10: Min bön 4:11