Duet with Kate Pierson

This is the first single from my album ”East Side Stories”. It’s a challenge to do a cover album, but very fun at the same time. The big challenge is to dare to do songs that others have already done so extremely well, and the fun part is that they are already good before you remake them. “Sing”, by Travis, is a song that came to my notion pretty early when I was putting together my album. The song gave me enormous comfort when it was released in 2001 and I was so happy when I discovered it again in my record collection. When I and Lars Halapi, who produced the album, went to Woodstock, sometime in February 2009, to look for a recording studio together with Amy Ziff (from the band Betty) we met one of Amy’s friends, Kate Pierson from the B52’s. She invited us to have dinner at her house and that night we ended up by the fireplace where Lars and I played some of the songs we thought would fit on the new album. Kate fell for “Sing” and I didn’t hesitate to ask her if she wanted to do a guest appearance on the song. “Why not!” she said, “You sing really well…”, and that’s how it started. She is a fantastic singer as you already know and a beautiful human being. And Amy’s band Betty is singing the backing vocals on this song!!!


01 Sing