This is one of my absolute favorite albums that I have ever made! Maybe because all peaces in my life came together during my stay in NY. 2009 was a fantastic year for me. A year where I made peace with myself and the personal development that I have gone through the last couple of years. This is a cover album but funnily it’s probably the most personal and brave record that I’ve made, since I really chose the songs according to lyrics that could reflect on my life and where I had been and was at that moment. The title East Side Stories came up because I wanted to reflect the stories that I heard of and experienced at 30 Avenue B in East Village NY where I lived. I did a lot of fun collaborations on this record. Duets with Kate Pierson from The B´52s (“Sing” originally by Travis) and with the Australian singer SIA (Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game”) that I met through a friend of ours AMY ZIFF from the punk/pop band BETTY who also sings backing vocals on the record. Even more fun is that one of my favorite musicians/artists takes part on the album – the multi talented and super beautiful Gail Ann Dorsey (David Bowie’s super bass player). She plays the bass and sings backing vocals on Americas “A Horse With No Name”. My favorite Irishman is also on the album – Declan O´Rourke with whom I sing “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. We recorded the album in a studio called “The Clubhouse” in Woodstock – Upstate NY. We had some fantastic days up there that I will never forget. I will never forget the two American brass players who drove up from New York in a car, literally packed with brass instruments, and they arranged and recorded standing up for a whole day – 24 hours – in the most professional and inspiring way. Lars Halapi produced the album – Rickard Nilsson, Tomas Axelsson, and Peter Korhonen were in the band. The whole record was one big team work. Fantastic! If you don’t have the record – buy it!

East Side Stories

01: Absent Friends
02: Sing with Kate Pierson
03: Somebody
04: A Horse With No Name
05: The Drugs Don´t Work
06: This Love Affair
07: Evereybody Hurts with Declan O´Rourke
08: God Loves Everyone
09: Wicked Game with Sia
10: I Can See A Little Something
11: No Surprises
12: Our Mutual Friend