The song is written by the wonderful songwriter and artist Ludwig Bell - the song came to me just the right time when I was asked to participate in the TV-program - "Det blir bättre." Where I got the chance to inspire people - young and old - with my story and give hope that life can get better - that there is always an opportunity to turn a difficult experience into a strength - that there is always opportunity for changes in life. In the program I would give a speech before a number of people which I did in my show "En kväll med Peter Jöback" when we had our guest appearance at Hamburger Börs in Stockholm in May 2011. Where this song became a part of my speech! The song also became the theme song for the entire series that was shown on Swedish TV3 – with Renee Nyberg as the host. The song was produced by Rickard Nilsson, Fredrik Landh and I and in my opinion perhaps one of the strongest pop singles I’ve recorded. Fun trivia is that I took the cover of the single with my I-phone in a bed in London the night after my audition for "The Phantom of the Opera".

Räddaren I Nöden

01 Räddaren I Nöden