I wanted a song that could represent my long autumn tour 2010 "An Evening With Peter Jöback" - a signature song for the tour and one that gave that right autumn feeling and a could reflect where I have been in my life for a while until now (2010).
I talked to Mauro Scocco about the arrangement of the tour and he came up with this amazing song which gave the concert the important framing of the question when are you ready? Do one ever get ready?
Tobias Fröberg who produced the song had an idea of making a classic Swedish sound - a sort of tribute to the songs from Barbro Hörberg’s and Monica Zetterlund’s time - he had a vision of a yellow light around the song that I thought sounded exciting.
Tobias was a fantastic fun new acquaintance and this cooperation led to another when I asked him if he wanted to produce my "live album" together with me, it was released the same autumn and recorded during my tour in Norway.
The musicians playing on this recording were new acquaintances for me as well and they turned out to be quite tremendous and I am so happy with the results.
Beautiful strings!
- Magnus Frykberg mixed admirably - the man who made Titiyo's first albums - real classics! It was fun to work with him.
Personally, I think this is one of my best songs that I have recorded.
Something new - something a little more grown up - as if one landed on safe ground.

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