The first single from the album "Livet, Kärleken och Döden - La Vie, L'Amour, La Mort" - I wanted to do an homage to Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardots amazing song "Bonnie & Clyde". My friend and fantastic songwriter Andreas Mattsson wrote this wonderful song to me that I and Paul Svenre together with Hans Ek arranged to this sound. I am also very happy that Izabella wanted to help brighten up this track with her voice and beauty - an obvious choice when I applied my Brigitte Bardot! The song received much attention, not least the amazing video that was cut out from Magnus Renfors short film "La Vie, L'Amour, La Mort".
A video where I roll around in bed straw with Izabella and a number of arms ........ the most unusual but also funniest comment I got for the video was from a distraught woman who did not understand that I could be so intimate with a woman when I am gay and shouldn't I have made this video with a man? - my response to her was - but I'm doing this with a man every day - can't one have some fun at work..... Imagine how easy it is to have opinions when you're jealous ......

The video is available on the "video"-section.

Jag Har Dig Nu - avec Izabella Scorupco

01 Jag har dig nu