This was an album that I had longed to get done, an album that had been growing in my head and heart, and finally saw the light of day after my 40th birthday.
I think turning 40 this year made me feel mature and I learned to carry my own life experiences visibly and with pride, which made me feel I could make a credible and authentic interpretation of the French entertainer - a man who has always been there inside of me - in my heart and my soul.
The album contains interpretations of some of my French favorite entertainers such as Charles Aznavour and Brel as well as three newly written songs inspired by these entertainers written by Annika Norlin and Andreas Mattsson - where even Serge Gainsbourg was an inspiration. Annika and Andreas translated the French classics to Swedish because I wanted to put my own touch on the lyrics of my versions of the songs.

The album was recorded in 6 fantastic days at the ancient Atlantis Studio in Stockholm with a specially assembled orchestra of 18 people. Arranger and conductor was the very talented Hans Ek whom we made arrangements together with and Pål Svenre and I produced the album.
I was also happy that I had the trio from the "En kväll med Peter Jöback"-tour: Rickard Nilsson, Ricard Nettermalm and Charlotte Centervall. And fantastic bass player Martin Höper accompanied them. The process was fun - at first the long list of 50 songs I chose from, then they became 20 that were translated into Swedish - then we chose 14 that we wanted to do demos of. At the same time it was a long process to get the songs translated into Swedish and approved by the publishers which meant trips to France and Belgium. Then a few sessions with the musicians to find the shape and style of the songs and then Hans Ek's arrangers-fingers "made magic" with the songs.
I would also like to highlight Pål Svenre and Alar Suurnas nice mixes - the album sounds fantastic and I would say it's one of my absolute best albums!
In addition, the images and cover are just fantastic, I had a good co-operation with the photographer Karin Törnblom and designer Karl-Magnus Boske who realized my thoughts and ideas.

I am also incredibly proud of the fictional documentary Magnus Renfors did with me on my French alter ego in the short film
"La Vie, L'Amour, La Mort" where Izabella Scorupco, Emma Sjöberg-Wiklund and Melinda Kinnaman accompanied me among others - a small masterpiece if I may say so myself!

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Livet, Kärleken och Döden - La Vie, L'Amour, La Mort

01 Jag Såg Mig Redan Där (Je Me Vois Deja)
02 Jag Har Dig Nu
03 Vad Gör En Man Till En Man (Comme Ils Disent)
04 Häromdan När Jag Var Ung (Hier Encore)
05 Tiden (Le Temps)
06 De Desperata (Les Désespérés)
07 Precis Som Vanligt (Comme d'habitude)
08 Jackie (La Chanson De Jacky)
09 Sång För Gamla Älskande (La Chanson Des Vieux Amants)
10 Släpp In Mig
11 Allt Finns Kvar
12 Jag Har Levt (J'ai Vecu)
13 En Förtvivlad Vän (Voir Un Ami Pleurer)