In connection with the 10year anniversary of the album; ”Jag kommer hem igen till jul” I recorded a new christmas song for the anniversary edition of the album.
I went back to Niclas Frisk and Andreas Thomsson who wrote the title track for the first album. We wanted to do an updated version on the same theme as the first song. They came up with the amazing song called “Jul Nu Igen” which I immediately took to my heart. Melancholic and sad – but with hopeful and warm lyrics, a kind of reconciliation with what life is and that it might not be such a bad thing after all.. Maybe you should learn to appreciate what you got in life, dare to find your way home and be yourself. It was fantastic to get the chance to work with Lars Halapi again, and also the wonderful Joakim Milder who once again delivered beautiful string arrangements.

Jul Nu Igen

01 Jul Nu Igen