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The Christmas Concert 2009

Another replay of the Christmas concert in 2009 – even though I have to say that there was a lift this year and it took a bit different turn this time. I think it has a lot to do with how I have been influenced by my stay in New York during the past year. I realized what an incredible album and WHAT an asset this Christmas album has been for me in my relation to my childhood years, and that I finally came to an end this year with my search for an answer to why everything turned out the way it did for me. I get a lot of strength from this concert and it’s such a big part of who I am – if you like the meaning of my Christmas concert you will also like me, because this is as much ME as it gets. It’s probably the essence of my values in life, the things I sing and talk about during these concerts. This year felt like an ending for me and my new journey starts now. It’s a cool feeling and exciting! Maybe it will take a while before my next Christmas concert – it may need to rest a bit - but it will probably come back when the craving is back. I am very happy that Cookies ‘n Beans wanted to be a part of it and of course Declan O’Rourke, and Magnus Carlsson who joined us at the Stockholm Ericsson Globe. Fantastic musicians and singers whom I admire. I was also happy that the whole band wanted to join me again and that Stockholm Session Strings and the fantastic choirs said yes! An hour of the concert was shown on Swedish National Television on December 22 and was really successful. I am incredibly proud of the production – the feeling in costume, set design and light – my vision that it should feel like a Christmas play came true many times around by Pirjo (costume), Per (set designer) and Linus (light).  Add Skuggan’s fantastic sound to that – has it ever sounded better in these arenas? The highlight of the year was probably the concert at Spectrum and when I performed Gethsemane in Gothenburg and Malmö where I got goose bumps myself!!! Fun also to perform some songs from “EAST SIDE STORIES” during the concert, they really worked out good in the context.