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Scandinavian Autumn Tour 2010

I had an idea to try to do a performance that was a bit more intimate and kind of a summary of my artistic and even personal journey until now - a take-off from my Schlager debut with "En Sensation" in 1990 until my Schlager comeback with "Hollow" in 2010. Reflections and stories from the paths I walked on in my career.

To me the show was a closure of the long "soul searching" period that I had in my life - a kind of answer to why I became who I am - what the music has meant to me during this period of my life. As I said in the show - the music has been like a soundtrack for me - a way to feel connection when I have felt myself different from others and even sometimes made me survive. We toured in Norway, Sweden and Finland for two months.

To my help to do this performance, I had my three great friends and fellow musicians Charlotte Centervall, Rickard Nilsson and Ricard Nettermalm who worked extremely hard and showed their enormous musicality in the most amazing ways. The idea of playing with just a trio was that I wanted to see what happened to the songs if I reduced the production a bit and my hope was that the lyrics would take more space than usual, which they did - we played songs from my repertoire, which was really fun – pop – folk – musical – with new arrangements by all of us on stage. One of my favorites is "Wicked Game" – a duet with Charlotte who showed what a great singer she is and the nice medley version of "The Drugs Don’t Work" and "Mellan en far och en son." I also liked the newly written song for this tour "Inte redo än" who Mauro Scocco wrote to me – the tour's theme song. Which also was released as a single on the record company RAZZIA.

I did the scenography together with Johan Friberg, who also did the magnificent light design – Skuggan, my fellow follower and friend, made sure we had perfect sound as usual and Pirjo and Mika took care of the styling together with me. And then we should not forget Simon and Andreas who worked backstage and Kasper who drove our stuff and our fantastic tour manager Axel, who made us feel like kings and queens on this tour. The script I created all by myself this time with great support from the world's best Maria Antoniou. A great teamwork!

A kind of finale on a "so far" 30-year artistic career!

Finally, I want to thank you all who came and saw our performance - 42 gigs in total - thanks for all the love you give us. You inspire me to continue my artistic journey - thanks for all the standing ovations - every night! It’s amazing!