Stage & Movie


This was the third time I was a part of this touring event, which usually takes place in November and December each year around the country. The tickets are sold to companies that get the chance to offer their customers something special and unique. The best thing for the participating artists is that we get the chance to collaborate with colleagues who we otherwise might not meet in our own artistic journey. And we also get the chance to do performances and songs that don’t belong to our own repertoire - with the “luxury” that we do not have to be reviewed! I have had the privilege to meet many nice colleagues on these three occasions. This year it was Sarah Dawn Finer, Magnus Carlsson, Charlotte Perrelli and Jerry Williams. I did Duffy's "Mercy" and Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" together with Jerry and Magnus and I got the chance to perform "Til I Hear You Sing" from "Phantom Of The Opera" – the sequel "Love Never Dies" that I auditioned for and was close to getting on Broadway when I lived in NY in 2010. We had a large orchestra and talented dancers and the amazing Roine Söderlundh directed and choreographed with brilliance.