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A summer tour with Cookies N Beans 2011

A fantastic and fun summer along with my absolute favorite band! Me, Richard, Ricard, and Charlotte had so much fun on our 50 gig tour with "An Evening With Peter Jöbackthat we had to tour together again the following summer, so we asked if Charlotte's own band Cookies N Beans wanted to join us on a summer tour and  they did! We called the tour Adams & Eves - a celebration to love, friendship and fertility - the right to love the one you want in this paradise called lifeWe had a great summer together travelling in a super luxury tour bus through Sweden and Norway - played on main squares in front of thousands of people - we were on a raft in the middle of a lake, and sang for several thousands of people, and when the evening came it felt like we were caught up in space. It was an amazing concert. Many musical memories from this summer - including a super night at a place called Freluga Trädgårdsscen, that I will never forget.

We made beautiful versions of "Horse with no name", "Sin Wagon," "Shallow Water""Juni, Juli, Augusts" and "Stockholm i natt" - The concert was recorded by P4 - live in Stockholm!