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Together with the Royal Philharmonic and Marianne Mörck 2011

This was one of the funniest and craziest nights of my life so far - what a fun idea to do a sing-a-long concert with the Royal Philharmonic and also broadcast it live toI think it was around 50 theaters around Sweden! A lot of fun! The fact that I had to do it along with the craziest and funniest woman I know, Marianne Mörck, was a big plus. We did a "My Fair Lady"-medley, "Sound of Music"-medley and I sang songs from "Les Miserable", "Nine", "Kristina", "Phantom of the Opera" - the list goes onI laughed and cried and enjoyed it so much that I had goosebumps all over the body! One of the most exciting moments was when I sang "Bring Him Home" from "Les Miserables" and the whole concert hall sang along! Hans Ek conducted the concert!

There is a very funny TV Spot, advertisementfor this concert - we had a lot of fun when we did it...