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La Vie, L'Amour, La Mort

When I began to brainstorm on my "French" album - "Livet, Kärleken och Döden" I had a desire to make a really good and stylish music video for one of the songs on the album - a lot because I like the cinematic expression very much and because when it's done well it enhances the music.

I could not then dream that I, six months later, would sit with a 30-minute short film in my hand and that it would be nominated for a Swedish Grammy in the category of "Best video of the year"! I knew however that I wanted to work with Magnus Renfors, the man who did the amazing video for "Stockholm i natt".

I had an early meeting with him in a cafe in Stockholm and told him about the song that was called "Jag har dig nu", which would be a homage to Gainsbourg's "Bonnie & Clyde" and that I had asked and received approval from Izabella Scorupco to be a part of the song and she would be "my" Brigitte Bardot. I could see myself doing a longer video about that particular song - a little story about their relationship, etc. I also told him that I had an idea of creating a French alter ego on this album. This got Magnus 100 percent excited and the next time we met, he put up the idea of ​​making a fake documentary about my French alter ego, the rise and fall. I fell in love and there was no turning back. Magnus and I brainstormed the script and Hobby Film and my newly established production company Sinclair Entertainment began looking for financing the film.

A super-talented team was pulled together - fantastically talented and generous colleagues lined up - choreographed - trained - were picking up clothes - designers lent clothes and plumes - it was amazing how much people were working - we had approx. 6 recording days to get it all together - 3 days with the full team, including aroud 20 people, and three days with just a director, hand-held camera and our actress. A long time of work after the shooting of the film, Magnus cut and pasted so his fingers bled - what's fantastic and makes Magnus such a great director is that he is responsive and generous to the artist, and also incredibly smart and intelligent - and very musical. I learned a lot on this trip and my desire to make films just got even stronger - I love movies - I love what you can do! It's Magic!

The film premiered in October 2011 at the cinema Zita! It has been shown once on TV4 and I hope we can release it on DVD in the future.

One of the projects that I'm most proud of in my entire career and the start of my new company, Sinclair Entertainment!

Other participants; Emma Sjöberg - Wiklund, Izabella Scorupco, Melinda Kinnaman.

Also a glimpse of Rennie Mirro, Karl Dyall and Vera Prada to name a few more.