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Her Majesty's Theatre West End London 2012 

During 2009 I lived in NY for a year, during that time I recorded my album "East Side Stories" and made the documentary "Happy, Handsome and Unknown". But I also went on a few auditions, one was for the sequel to "The Phantom Of The Opera" that is called "Love Never Dies". The show was to be played at Broadway! I went to the final audition along with three other guys from the US. During this audition I got to meet Andrew Lloyd Webber and I think it was during this time the idea of me as "The Phantom" for their 25 year anniversary was born. In late 2010 the phone rings at my agents office and it's Cameron Macintosh, casting director Trevor Jackson, that is asking me to come to London for an audition. 

I would say that this probobly is the biggest triumph of my carrer! This was a big challenge and I really had to step up to the plate for this role - especially vocal wise. But these are the things I love - challenges. I knew that I had the pain of the character in me, and the role came in perfect timing in my life. The 

Phantoms story was something I recognized and wanted to tell the audience. It also felt right to go back to theater again, and the chance to get a real leading role in  London's West End seemed like the perfect 40th anniversary gift to myself. During my time in London I had the opportunity to work with a fantastic cast and an amazing crew. They all created a giant wave for me to surf on, that I really love and respect them for. I feel that I developed so much during this period of my life. I also got a new agent who gives me new opportunities and chances to be able to continue my journey in London.

The beauty of this stay in London, compared to when I lived there in the late 90s, is that I could enjoy the city much more this time around. 

Is this what it feels like being all grown up?

The journey continues!

Cast; Sofia Escobar / Katy Treharne - Christine Killian Donnelly - Raoul Wendy Ferguson - Charlotta Barry James - Monsieur Firmin Gareth Snook - Monsieur André Cheryl McAvoy - Madame Giry Jeremy Secomb - Piangi Anna Forbes - Meg Giry 

Photo Credit: Michael Le Poer Trench

Photo Credit: Michael Le Poer Trench