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Scandinavian tour fall 2012

The idea for making this large and grand tour came to me when I planned my move to London in the spring to play The Phantom in "The Phantom of the Opera" at Her Majesty's Theatre in West End. I realized that not all my fans in Sweden and Norway would have the chance to come over to London and see the "The Phantom of the Opera". So I thought I would offer a great homage one grand evening to the genre that raised me as a kid, and to do it in Scandinavia this time.

I also got the chance to bring some of the talented artists who I have met and worked with during those years abroad, which made the whole project even more fun. The idea behind the title of the concert, and also poster idea, I had for the concerts was that I wanted to play a little with the fact that musical genre in some circuits may not have the most hip reputation- here I wanted to put myself out there as a musical lover like that you do on an AA - Meeting - ¨ Hello my name is Peter - I LOVE musicals ¨ . I faced the audience with my addiction - and like I do on the poster I carry the dependence with pride! As one who is a proud blood donor or similar. I'm very proud of my genre - there's nothing that beats a musical when it's at its best.

We went through about 21 musicals and sang over 35 songs each night. Some highlights for me was "Pity the child"  from "CHESS", "Gethsemane" from "Jesus Christ Superstar" and music from my favorite musical "Sweeney Todd".

 I didn't do this on my own; I had the amazing Ma-Anne Dionisio from Canada that I played against in Miss Saigon in London in 1997 and the lovely singer Kate Treharne from Wales who was my Christine in "The Phantom of The Opera" 2012. At my side, there were also two wonderful baritone singers Michael Mccarthy and James Graeme. We were backed up by the amazing Stockholm Sinfonietta under the direction of Mr. David White, who I worked with in the original set of Witches of Eastwick in London 2000.

We did six concerts before a large and enthusiastic audience - a standing ovation and cheers that moved us all to tears. So we have decided that we will do it again - soon - maybe it becomes a tradition so we can get more people to dare to say his name and to finish the sentence by saying: - I LOVE musicals!

We did 6 arena concerts in front of a huge and enthusiastic audience - that gave us standing ovations and cheers that moved us all to tears. We have decided that we will do this again - soon. Maybe it becomes a tradition so that we can get more people to dare to say their name and finish the sentence by saying - I love musicals.