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Summer tour 2008

This is one of the nicest tours I’ve made and one that I’ve learned the most from.

A fantastic experience to perform together with Eva and to get the possibility to work together with an artist that I admire so much. We had a really big band, nine musicians plus Eva and I. We made 20 concerts in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The audience gave us a wonderful embrace. Some seemed surprised that Eva and I performed together, but to me it was the most natural thing and I really hope that we get to do more things together in the future.

We recorded a live album that we sold at the gigs. It was a cooperation with the Red Cross, as one of the ideas with the tour and the title ”Himlen Är Inget Tak” was to get us all to look towards the sky and be reminded about the infinite possibilities we have in life but at the same time remind us about the fact that the sky doesn’t give us any protection and that we have to protect each other.

That’s why we recorded one of our final rehearsals and manufactured in five days an album that was sold at the tour and every album was sold resulted in one impregnated mosquito net for the Red Cross in their fight against malaria.

This gave a good feeling to everyone involved. In the set, we mixed our songs, played and sang on one another’s songs. One of my favorites was to sing Evas ”Ung och stolt”. I was also glad to once again work with Lars Halapi who played in the band.

This is the band !!!!!     Ricard Nettermalm - drums Mats Persson - drums and backing vocals Lars Halapi- guitar Bebe Risenfors - horn Rickard Nilsson - keyboard and backing vocals Christer Karlsson - keybord and backing vocals Peter Forss - bass Annika Granlund - horn and backing vocals Charlotte Centervall - guitar and backing vocals.