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Rondo, Gothenburg – 2007

Our trip to Gothenburg was really successful and incredibly rewarding to me. Rondo was a fantastic venue for Cabaret. It did Peter Lundkvists stage design even more justice when we could take full advantage of the full width of the stage. The interaction between the actors and the rest of the cast was taken to an even higher level when the audience in Gothenburg gave us their wonderful response. Opening night was on New Years Eve of 2006 and we performed until the beginning o May 2007. Anna-Maria Hallgarn took over the part of Fraulain Cost with such elegance. Part from her the cast was the same as in the fall of 2006 at Tyrol. We released a studio album that turned out really well. With the best songs from the performance. I think that Monica Nielsen does a fantastic version of “Vad är ert råd” and Saras “Cabaret” is just awesome. I also love “Two Ladies” because it’s so totally insane on this recording. The show was awarded with a QX prize which I’m incredibly proud off!!!!