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Stockholm- TYROL- 2006

This was truly a willpower victory to us. I’m so proud of this show. The first time that I have been so artistically involved in a theatre production and it was very rewarding experience. I like the ensemble a lot and our fantastic orchestra and technicians who struggle behind the stage. It truly is a teamwork and the creative team was world class.

Top left you can see the original poster made for when Richard Günther was supposed to direct. He left the production for private reasons and was succeeded by Johan Wahlström. Johan was incredibly good to get all things into place. I liked working with him. Humble and straight honest.

Roine Söderlundh made a wonderful choreography. I think it’s maybe the best thing he’s ever done because it was so different from his previous work. And it was wonderful to work with my brother who did a great job with the music. Together with the rest of the orchestra he took us back in time to Berlin in 1929. I’m looking forward to six months with the show at Rondo in Gothenburg. Other artists in the show were Sara Lindh, Anders Bergh, Monica Nielsen, Anders Nyström and Annelie Rydé.

I was awarded with a Guldmasken (Tony award) for best actor in a leading part in a musical 2006

DIRECTOR - Johan Wahlström CONDUCTOR - Mikael Jöback  CHOREOGRAPHER - Roine Söderlundh STAGE DESIGN - Peter Lundquist COSTUME DESIGN - Maria Felldin LIGHT DESIGN - Linus Fellbom MAKE UP - Sara Klänge SOUND DESIGN - Oskar Johansson