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(Globen and Scandinavium) 2004

It was really something to get to do these huge concerts in two great arenas and with this enormous orchestra, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. It wasn’t until afterwards that I realized what a very special thing it had been to do these concerts. But I enjoyed immensely and I actually had goose bumps all through both concerts just from the realization of the courage it took to do this. We also had guest stars; Lisa Nilsson in Gothenburg and Sissel in Stockholm. Isa Norberg also sang with me both nights.

We did the duet that we recorded for the Storybook album. It’s called “Summerwine”, Lee Hazelwood’s and Nancy Sinatra’s old hit, and Tine Matulessy danced behind me on “Losing My Mind”. I also did my old Grease hit song “Slut På Glamoren” where Lars Wallin helped out in dressing my girls in beautiful clothes. Lars, by the way, helped me out with the whole concert.

Rick Ljung did hair. The concert was recorded by SVT and was broadcast at Easter in 2005 and was nominated for a Golden Rose in Montreaux the same year. My second nomination since my musical show that was broadcast in 1997 also had been nominated. Together with the concerts we released the album “Storybook” that actually sold gold in Sweden and close to 40 000 copies in Norway. I guess that my breakthrough in Norway came with this album. I wish that I sometime could get to do the large Storybook concert in Oslo as well. Sometime that would be fun.