Stage & Movie

Copnehagen 2003

I was in New York when I received the phone call from my manager telling me that a theatre in Denmark wanted me to take over the part as EMCEE in their Cabaret production. What attracted me even more than playing the actual part was the possibility to work together with the Danish actress Paprika Steen who I had admired for many years. I went back to Sweden and Marie and I went to Copenhagen. I must admit that I became somewhat doubtful when it turned out that the theatre was situated half an hour outside of the city and that the actual theatre located in a former high school. But I was absolutely seduced the moment I entered the theatre. It was a fantastic experience even though I didn’t understand a word of what they said. The next chock was when the head of the theatre told me that I would only get 10 days of rehearsals. But I liked the challenge and accepted to do the part and I don’t regret this for a second even if the stress caused me gastritis…