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Theatre Royal Drury Lane, West End, London 2000

I had actually decided not to do any musicals for a while, but when my English agent calls me and tells me that Cameron Macintosh personally had asked me to audition for “the Witches” at least I had to try.

The first audition went well. They asked me if I wanted the part and in that case I would have to work on my American accent.

During the following three months they flew me to London to receive private lessons with a dialect coach. Three months later, in December, I was back in West End for a new audition, well aware of the fact that they had had a number of English and American guys audition for the part.

The audition lasted for three days, but in the end I got the part. When we realized that we could combine “the Witches” with my new album the decision became quite easy. I got a part in a show produced by the greatest theatre producer in the world. Being able to be a part of creating a character and a performance at this level is very rare. Especially if you’re Swedish. If this show turns out well I’ve been part of making theatre history of global measures. That isn’t so bad for being a 29-year-old guy from Sweden.

“The Witches of Eastwick” takes place in the small town Eastwick in New England, where three witches, to spice up their lives, practice their witchcraft to produce the man of their dreams. When Darryl Van Horne arrives their dream comes to life. He makes sure they enjoy themselves really well. But then hell breaks loose.

Script and lyrics for the musical version of “The Witches of Eastwick” are written by John Dempsey and the music composed by Dana Rowe, who also wrote “The Fix” for Cameron Macintosh. Dempsey and Rowe are right now working on a new musical project for Disney. Peter will play the part of Michael, son of Alexandra, who is one of the witches. Alexandra is played by the Broadway star Lucie Arnaz (daughter of Lucille Ball and Dessi Arnaz). The remaining two witches are played by Englands leading musical artists Maria Friedman and Joanna Riding and the horrible Darryl Van Horne is played by the international theatre- film- and TV-star Ian McShane.