Stage & Movie


Hamburger Börs, Stockholm, 1998

To do my own show has always been a big dream to me. Mostly because I’ve always enjoyed the classical “show concept”. I was totally stuck when old MGM films with Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire were shown on television. Not even in my wildest dream could I ever imagine that I would get to do one so early in my career.

Already in 1996 the head of Börsen asked me to do it, but it wasn’t until I had been in London for eight months playing Miss Saigon and had experienced the success with my album “Personliga val” that I felt that I had an artistic foundation strong enough. I saw the show as an extension of my TV show that I did at Christmas in 1997 and my tour in January in 1998.

I felt confident when I got to bring the same orchestra to Börsen, conducted by Anders Neglin, and the four fantastic dancers that also had been on the TV show. Together with Hans Marklund and Roine Söderlundh we put together a show in classical Broadway style that is pretty rare in Sweden.

Musically it was more diverse compared to my musicals album, still many of the songs from that album was in the show. I also did songs that aren’t musical songs, like “Always On My Mind” and “I Who Have Nothing” to show the variety of me as an artist. Funnily enough those songs probably became the most appreciated in the end.

Lars Wallin designed the clothes, with great attitude. Those of you who saw the show know what I mean. It was an autumn of hard work, but truly rewarding. Maybe I’ll do a show again sometime in the future.