Stage & Movie

Theatre Royal Drury Lane, West End, London 1997

When I was 20 I saw Miss Saigon in the West End in London and decided that at some point in my life I would be on stage at West End. No matter the size of the part, just as long as I would get to do it. Five years later I’m playing one of the lead parts in a West End musical, Chris in Miss Saigon at Theatre Royal Drury Lane. What an honor. The stage was enormous and the auditorium had over two thousand seats. When I was there it was mostly Swedish people in the audience. I was also fortunate to get to act with one of the best female musical artists in the world, Ma-Anne Dionisio. At opening night I was terribly nervous. There was loads of Swedish press present and prominent people from the theatre business. But all ended well and I had made my international debut at West End!

I was there for over eight months and would probably have stayed, if not in Miss Saigon then something else, if I hadn’t promised Björn and Benny to return to Sweden for the opening of Kristina från Duvemåla in Stockholm. Even though there were talks about Broadway I would never break a promise.