Stage & Movie

Malmö music Theatre, Malmö 1995-1998
The Gothenburg Opera, Gothenburg
Cirkus, Stockholm

I remember that it was a tough audition for Kristina. Thousands of singers and actors auditioned for the four leading parts, Kristina, Karl-Oskar, Robert and Ulrika. And I can tell you that it wasn’t an advantage to be a well-known name. Björn and Benny were looking for those best suited for the parts, established or non-established. I remember that I sang “Why god Why” from Miss Saigon accompanied by my brother. The next part was a monologue from Miss Julie. The day after the second try out I got a call from Björn Ulvaeus who told me that they wanted me to do the part as Robert in their musical. The only thing I managed to say was “Can I call you back in a while when I’ve had the time think it over?” I hung up and exploded in a cry of joy, then I called my nearest and dearest to break the news and about three minutes later I called Björn to tell him that I accepted the part.

Everything about working with Kristina was fantastic. First of all to get to work with Björn and Benny, but also the incredibly inspiring work with Lars Rudolfsson, who I feel that I’ve learned a lot from. No one could ever imagine that Kristina would be as huge as it was. But when Benny played “Guldet blev till sand” in his studio at Skeppsholmen I instantly knew that this was something special.

What also was really cool was the audience who truly celebrated the musical. And so did colleagues and press, both in Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Kristina was my break through as an artist, actor and singer. Finally I was respected as a true artist. Something that I had strived for a long time.

I don’t know if I ever again will be able to take part of something as unique as creating a new musical of these dimensions but I truly hope so. The memories remain and we who did show, both on the stage and behind, will always have something special in common.

I received a Guldmask (Tony award) for best actor in a support role in a musical when we performed Kristina at Cirkus in Stockholm that I’m incredibly proud of.